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– Snow foam
– Wheels cleaned
– Hand wash using premium wash mitt + 2-bucket method, then rinsed
– Dry using premium drying towel


This is the package we recommend if your vehicle is regularly maintained.

Prices start from £35 depending on vehicle size

– Full exterior wash (see above)
– Light interior vacuum
– All surfaces cleaned and protected
– Short term paint protection
Please note this package does not include boot area. If you would like this adding to your package, there will be an additional cost. Please notify us on your booking enquiry if so.


Aimed at vehicles that have not been regularly maintained.

Prices start from £75 depending on vehicle size

– Full exterior wash (see above), plus hydrophobic sealant to repel water + create beading
– Interior deep clean
– Leather seats cleaned and protected
– All surfaces steam cleaned removing 99.9% of bacteria
– Fabric seats wet vacuumed to remove dirt
– All plastics protected
– Mats removed/steamed/wet vacuumed
– Boot area deep clean
– Interior glass cleaned
– Short term paint protection

Please note. Heavy pet hair contamination/ the removal of personal items and litter will incur an additional cost of £10+. 



Tar Removal + polish = £25. Includes the following:

– Chemical decontamination 
– Hand polish to bring out the gloss leaving a deep shine

Tar Removal, polish + wax = £35. Includes the following:

– Chemical decontamination (tar and glue, fallout removal)
– Hand polish
– Wax sealant to leave the car looking glossy and protection on the paint

Wheel wax = £15. Includes the following:

– To protect wheel from harmful deposits, and keeps them looking cleaner for longer (just face of wheel)

Glass = £20

– Exterior glass coated for up to 12 months protection

Interior leather = £50

– 12 months protection
– Anti-fade, easy cleaning, chemical resistant, UV + UVB resistant

Wheels/calipers = £120

– Wheels removed, deep cleaned, calipers steam cleaned, wheel face/barrel coated
– Calipers coated for easy cleaning and up to 3-year protection
– Anti-corrosion
– UV + UVB resistant